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How To Write A Strong Thesis Statement - 2022
Writing in high school and college takes a high form of persuasion. It is about convincing the target audience that you have an engaging, interesting, and logical viewpoint on your chosen subject. Convincing others is a skill that we practice regularly in our lives. When you are asked to convince your reader of your viewpoint, it is often known as an argument that follows a kind of predictable pattern in academic writing.
In essay writing or any kind of other research paper, after a brief introduction, you state your viewpoint directly in one sentence. This sentence is called the thesis statement which aims to summarize the whole argument of your paper.
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A good thesis statement is one that:

  • Tells the readers how they will going to interpret the significance
  • It serves as a road map for the paper by telling the readers what they will encounter in the paper
  • It directly addresses the question
  • It makes a claim that others might other disagree with
  • It is usually a single sentence written at the start and more often at the end of the first paragraph. It aims to present the main argument to the reader and evaluates and organized the evidence in the rest of the paper.
In your assignment, if you are asked to take a position and come up with a claim on your subject. You have to properly convey your stance or claim in your thesis statement. The best and most often used approach is to state the thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph.
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It is not necessary that your assignment explicitly states that you have to include the requirement to write a thesis statement because your professor may assume that you will add one. However, if you are in doubt, it is better to ask your professor if your assignments need a thesis statement or not. Keep in mind that the thesis statement is compulsory to include in essay writing regardless of type and topic.
When an assignment demands you to analyze, compare, contrast, interpret, or take a stand on a particular issue, it is most likely that you are asked to write a thesis statement and provide evidence to support it.
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Writing the thesis statement is the first thing that you will have to do after reading the assignment prompt. Before you come up with an argument, find and organize the evidence and discuss how they relate to each other. Your argument and thesis statement will most likely need changes along the way.
Coming up with a strong and convincing thesis is a must if you really want to score better. Remember it is one of the important criteria used by professors to grade papers. If you are facing any kind of difficulty in coming up with a strong thesis statement or even the rest of your paper.
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